And I care what you think?

Who cares what I think! You might even be thinking it, but I ask myself that everyday. But I still love truth and unmasking people’s boxed in perception and projection of their own reality. I am about immune to the opinions of some and a bit tired of the almost blatant politically correct face some wear. I am sick of not getting straight answers from some people.

Enough is enough! Even with the Bible some try to be political. We live in a time that some water down the gospel to lukewarm puke. What really is the goal in their methods?  It is to attract what or whom?  As if Jesus needs to be “sold”.  News flash, the gospel is the only “religion” that claims to have one way to heaven through one person, Jesus. You can cut it, slice it, sell it how you want, but that is dogmatic, in your face, controversial, and radical. Yet it has crazy power to change lives. It has withstood all tests people try to throw at it and yet it can’t be stopped.  I am going to speak with integrity, say what I mean, and use the power of word in truth and love, that way you won’t take it personally and be a victim of needless suffering.

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