Hey angry loud mouth know it-all, shut up!

yelling parentHave you ever grown weary of watching examples of out-of-control coaches yelling at athletes, their own coaches, and referees?  Because athletics is often driven by fear and intimidation, has this streamed over into everyday adult life?

I am personally ready to slap down the next fat mouth if I see them yelling at their kid like some know it all monster from the swamps in Florida. Actually, given my maturity level, now I’d just remove myself from Mr or Mrs know all.

Athletics for me served as one of the most valuable training grounds for life. My experiences were unbelievably positive. I lost sleep at night because of my competitiveness and spent hours practicing trying to get better than my peers. It helped me keep my grades up, kept me focused out of trouble and in shape. It also led me to many service opportunities. Our coach spent time teaching us the game, but also about life.

Kids don’t always have good role models these days. The over the top, big money athletes seem to get all the attention. It is unfortunately that fights and brawls, pulling a gun on a team mate, yelling at an official, choking a coach, throwing a bat or have a coach tell a player to  land an unethical and dangerous hit is somehow acceptable.

Do yourself a favor, put your pride aside, get down on your kids level and see what he is looking up to or in some cases trying to hide from. Its a game dude, really….relax and for the sake of us all, keep your mouth shut and have some dignity please.

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