Urgency requires action


It is a powerful model. It takes $200 to send a guy through a year school which requires him to plant a church to graduate, then he continues to “make tents” drive his taxi, sell eggs, farm, etc and be a pastor of the small church he planted. He is not paid from TTI. This is the Acts 2 model and it is blowing up. Campus Crusade for Christ, now renamed, is partnering with David, president of TTI. They decided that church planting is essential. They found out many who are saved from their organization are not being trained in good churches.

​He also flew to Seattle and had a meeting with Marc Driscoll who encouraged him to write his own training stuff to train the pastors, which he did. Although Driscoll has the ACTS29 network he is very supportive.

David Nelms said hundreds of thousands are coming to Christ overseas. Not just guys “saying prayers”, but guys losing their life and limb for following the gospel. People are flocking to TTI to be trained as a pastor and they don’t even get paid. Why you ask? When one guy stands for Christ and they see God work and witness someone willing to take such a stance, thousands line up to get trained, to teach others to disciple others. People there know and understand sacrifice. Unfortunately, Americans like comfort and enjoy staying “inside boxes” they have created about missions.

​Also, for the first time in a long time, those countries are sending missionaries to Europe and America, the two places that have everything, but are married to their gods, not the true God.

I am so excited about seeing people saved and trained up in God’s ways.  TTI targets unreached areas and many areas are dangerous, but so many are being saved.  They have an excellent five year track record. Check out their site www.ttionline.org.

Life is so short, what will my master say about my priorities and what I did for eternity. That is the question I am asking myself daily.

******TTI has a guy in MN willing to match $250,000 by July if they can raise $250K. They are half way there. I am in. What action will you take after reading this?

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