Why I can’t float

poolTypically, humans need for acceptance pulls at them to be like everyone else.

When teaching elementary I did an experiment with some kids. They lined up, followed me off the bus to our starting point about 100 yards away. Keep in mind, these kids knew we were heading for the park entrance to meet the ranger. As I walked I led them all over the place weaving back and forth and at one point the opposite direction from where we should have been going. The entire time, the kids just followed without question. Was I that good of a leader? I think not. I thought to myself, this is how most people approach life, like cattle to the slaughter they fall in line and just walk. People know overindulgence can kill, but they just consume. They know debt, unforgiveness, anger, lust and pride will be their ruin, but the live in it.

I noticed when my brother ran for Sheriff many people didn’t understand why one would risk a career. Some asked why not just get in line, punch the clock, get your check and retire nicely. I guess we need those types of people, but if everyone accepted the way it has always been, then needed change would never come.

Some people are quick tongued about those who live outside the box, those who push for difference, those who risk everything to break the grain of what has always been. But it is not easy to break the status quo. For me personally I thrive on risk. If left unchecked this can bite hard, but that is just the point. I’d rather take risks and try something new than follow something  just because that is how it has always been.

“A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done.” Cardinal Newman.

Swim, don’t float.


One thought on “Why I can’t float

  1. V
    ery true to life. we need leaders, Great ones. Not more sheep going off the cliff with everyone else.

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