Are homeschooled kids weird?

It’s eleven am and the mom is headed out the door to Chuck E Cheese for PE today. Hey, skeeball is athletic as dancing or calisthenics or whatever those school kids do in PE. Before you judge me lets not forget they are headed out the door in denim and T’s that say “homeschool tumbling”.

Talking to some you’d think the above description is the homsechool movement. Is it weird that a mom who admits to “facilitating” their learning isn’t qualified to teach them anyway? Is it weird that some parents really believe that when my kids needs a hug there is always one near by? Or is the homeschooling movement really producing quality kids that the rest of society actually envies?

Is religious freedom, one of the top reasons noted for homeschooling, weird?  Do they use weird curriculum? Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, who homeschooled his kids for 16 years admitted that “my heart sinks as I walk around many of the exhibit halls at homeschool conventions and look at the mixed/compromise messages (and the outright pagan literature) being made readily available to the thousands of parents who are seeking help on how to educate the next generation to stand on the authority of God’s Word!”

Homeschool die-hards agree that a customized flexible education, religious freedom is best for their kids and that professional teachers are not necessary for kids to learn. Whatever the reasons are for choosing a certain education path, and there are many from all sides, no one would argue choices are good and freedom is essential. Public, private and homeschool, weird knows no boundaries. And what is weird anyway? 

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