Revenge’s delight and despair

revengeMen are prone to revenge. Block buster movies are based on settling the score. I’ve met some real honest Christian men that know all the right answers, but also share the truth of the delight it can bring and the despair that haunts them. This week I met a couple of wise men who spoke something deep to me. They got honest about anger, revenge, settling the score, payback and the agony of it all. Years ago, this particular man, in deep despair and ready to kill over getting ripped off, stopped himself from pulling the trigger.  He was reminded that the guys in prison that he had been mentoring had their life changed in a second. They had family, friends, money, church, and bam! Prison for life, over revenge.

The test we are given can be “passed” with God’s help, even the pukes that we don’t want to forgive or those like sandpaper that rip at your skin…..its just a test. You’ve passed tests before haven’t you?

One already failed his test, I’m not failing mine.

By God’s grace………walk on.

“This is certain, a man that studies revenge keeps his wounds green, which would otherwise heal and do well.” F. Bacon

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