The skinny on blended learning and its growth

If you are reading this you are probably already intrigued by the potential of blended learning.

student_teacher-computer2Blended learning combines offline and online learning. It works because it combines teacher’s talents and technology tools. As you know, technology is the future. The courses work closely with the student’s individual needs while combining small group interaction and the precision of integrated technology.

The best blended approach to learning uses technology to:

  • help students master content and skills that they need
  • allow teachers to get the most out of planning while
  • streamlining the cost of traditional education.

Blended education is NOT online games and videos that students do during the day. Neither are students isolated to their keyboards with no social interaction. IT IS teaching personal responsibility, planning, organization, accountability, timeliness, and performing at a higher level.

Exploring the possibilities

Blended education approach at Promise Academy Quakerdale in New Providence and Pleasant Hill Iowa is a richer and deeper interaction between teachers and students than the traditional classroom. Students are allowed to fully master content and skills, and at a pace that is right for them. It is more flexible and personable.

Think about it in this way: an average class sets “ a speed limit” for the class- bound by grade-level and assessments- making it hard for some kids to excel or catch up. In blended education learning is at the student’s fingertips, allowing them to go further and faster.

Promise Academy takes yet another approach to blended education by teaching a solid Christian worldview and providing students and teachers opportunities to live out their Christian faith in the community, state and abroad through missions. Additionally, each day students explore learning in a comfortable classroom and enjoy real life learning opportunities from professionals in the community.

Promise Academy has made a private, professional and proficient education affordable. It allows for a customized approach in a teacher facilitated environment giving attention to students when they need it.

Charleston, site director for Promise Academy Pleasant Hill, is passionate about seeing the whole child grow and excel. He says, “I always say that when I was teaching in a traditional model, I thought I was a good teacher. Then I saw reality and realized how many students were confused, bored or being left behind. The reality is our system is not always graduating kids that have the educational and social know how to plug into real life. The machine doesn’t work for everyone. With Promise Academy’s blended approach, there is no more being held back. No more average. It’s a place to spread your wings and soar!”

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