The Church Sports Battle

TOP family_resizedI am believer in Christ and strive to live for one main purpose: to bring God glory. I was brought up to never miss church when the doors were open.  I remember missing part of an All-Star baseball game because I had to attend church on Wednesday night. (Ironically, it was a business meeting and they fought about what color of carpet should be in the church). It impacted me on many levels. I also found myself thinking – if my particular church had services four days a week would I be biblically required to attend…. or was three days a week spiritual or is it just Sundays or is it Saturdays if you are Catholic?

My wife and I both grew up playing and loving sports. We never played on Sundays as most of the culture didn’t allow it to happen. Now, it is almost inevitable that if your child plays any kind of competitive sports there will be games or tournaments on Sunday.

I love being at the games. I love cheering my kids on. But I also love God.

I have been thinking about this for years. Adjust around sports or adjust around church?

I don’t want my church attendance to become a matter of legalism. Instead I want to nurture a belief that commitment to God is essential.

So if games are on Sunday what do I do? Can I love both even when they are not equal? My answer: Sports don’t end church and church doesn’t end sports. I’ll explain.

I embrace my life at this point and I “do church” more often than Sundays. Each morning I study God’s Word with my kids. I involve them on Wednesday night church activities that do strong Bible study together. I regularly attend Sunday services. Often there are quick wardrobe changes or visit to an out of town churches. I meet with other men and study God’s Word. I spend daily time in God’s Word myself and I listen to Godly music that plants seeds of scriptural truth in our minds.

I teach and learn all throughout the day. I am convinced that living God’s principles are an “all the time thing”. We don’t take breaks. We view life through a Christian Worldview perspective.

Please don’t think “never missing a service” on Sunday, is a fix for what should you should doing as a parent or that somehow gains you more credibility or obedience in God’s eyes. And those who say it is required every Sunday………Jesus’ custom (not command) was to go to the synagogue and the fourth commandment was a charge to “remember” the Sabbath.

Finally, I’ve noticed, those who do not have athletic children are typically the ones demanding Sunday church attendance. Yet you’ll find those same people missing church when the weather is nice, the lake is open, or to fly back from a trip.

Unmasked Father.

2 thoughts on “The Church Sports Battle

  1. Dave…. I love this topic. Right now ‘Church On The Lake’ for a couple of weeks is working for me and my boys…. Semper Fi.

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