Is that one of those multi-level sales thingy?

pyramid snakeThat question, presented in the title, does fascinate me. I am always interested in people’s wide array of opinions on this topic.

That “multi-level sales thingy” is called a direct market company. It is a way to market and sell products and communicate directly to consumers. These companies in the US alone totaled $30 billion in 2011, with more than 74 percent of the American public having purchased goods or services through direct selling. Worldwide sales are also strong with more than $154 billion in sales(1). Companies like Avon, Amway and Mary Kay, Primerica and Tupperware have been in the top tier for years. These types of companies are very different than pyramid scam-type-companies which combine a fake yet seemingly credible business with a money-making formula which is used for profit. Pyramids are flawed, have no products and are illegal.

Why are some so suspect when thinking about the“multi-level sales thingy”? Is it “joe-rookie with the company-t” that spews stupid facts that turns you off? Is it that an individual earns a commission rather than the big box store? Is it “Mike19”, you know, the guy who sold for 19 companies and now they are trying to sell you again. I get all those.

But there are companies offering real solutions. There are also those talking about being the next billion dollar company. Be careful. Third party information is readily available on the web. Also, being bigger does not equate being better. Additionally, there is also a lot of cross talk among these companies. Check your resources before you start quoting them. The company’s track record is important.

In our line of work we had a need going unmet. The Orange Planet works with weight loss and performance based individuals and athletes all the time. We have a responsibility to offer quality, credible products and nutrition and supplementation is part of our six components of fitness. We didn’t have a great solution for those two particular components, but the day of telling a customer to go down to CNG is over.  Personally, I’ve always understood the importance of putting the right fuel in one’s body. But it was not until I researched and benefited from the use of AdvoCare products that I truly understood what healthy supplements and products were available to enhance performance and our daily lives.

The products speak for themselves. The system is simple, yet effective. And most importantly, the benefits are incredible for training athletes to inspired adults.

They work. And yes, I earn an income from the sale of these products… keeping the money in town while supporting local business, yeah………. now that is American!

I’ve never bought into the rhetoric that money equals success. Perhaps the down fall of some of these direct sales companies is that they are always equating the two. It is true that when you find success in life, however you measure that, you are building networks around you. You are not an island unto yourself. Working hard is noble. But working hard and smart is essential.

Hope this helps you understand the “thingy”.

(1) 2013 Direct Selling Association 1667 K Street, NW, Suite 1100Washington DC 20006-1660202.452.8866,

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