Joy in defeat

flowerI have lost before in life.  I do get the sadness and the let down, believe me, I am a competitor. As I watched girls state basketball I saw teams lose, some for the first time, some in the championship game.  But in the midst of it all, including interviews, I noticed some chose to smile and be grateful.  Their joy wasn’t manufactured or forced. It just flowed from their life. They found joy in defeat. How?

While it is tough to go through loses in life (as we know there are many tougher loses in life than losing a game) some choose not to focus on their circumstance or the effect it has on others around them. Instead, their deep rooted faith leads them to say “this is a great time for joy” (James 1:2)

An athlete can put in hundreds of hours of hard work and it still does not guarantee success. You can love a close friend deeply, yet they can be taken away before you thought it time. You can give all you can to a worthy goal and the end result may not match what you thought. But in the end God rules and your submission to that reality is essential. I have heard JOY means, Jesus Only You. It is a simple and deep definition. It implies that one understands that real joy is not found in any circumstance.

Tough circumstances should prompt us to focus on the character of God. If you do you’ll find strength and hope for your journey.

Listen to Psalm 145 

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