Old school coaches: A tribute to March Madness

basketball-plays-crunch-timeWhen you think of March Madness you might think of amazing games and players, flying dunks, underdogs, undefeated records and number one seeds. Did coaching come to mind? I had the honor of having two outstanding coaches in my life. One, Tom Mullins who taught me the value of hard work and old school fundamentals. He taught me that playing with class in spite of any bad calls, win or lose, one could could walk off the court with dignity and class. He instilled in me to never allow someone to beat me because I hadn’t prepared in the areas I could control: my attitude, my work ethic and my conditioning. John John, son of the great late coach Maury John was my college coach for my first two years. John John taught me that I was a valuable part of a team and without my teammates I could never prosper. He taught me that class always shows not matter what. His passion for the game and desire to produce men of character positively changed my life.

I salute some of these  coaches that give endless hours teaching their team right attributes that will sustain them for life. I respect a coach that isn’t afraid to speak about spiritually matters and models the same with their life. So to all the coaches who walk the walk and lead with class, I see and I respect what you are doing. You are appreciated.

We’re Just Old Coaches

We’re just old coaches, you and I, teaching these young guns to shoot for the sky.

Just old coaches, you and me, out in front for the crowd to see.

And some of those watching weren’t always so kind, but we’re just old coaches…

So we pay them no mind.

Yep, just old coaches you and me…not really pretty, not much to see.

And our jobs real simple…at least we’re told,

“Take all those youngsters and make them bold.  Make them champions every time.

Do that coach.  And you’re worth every dime.”

But those in the crowd don’t really see why we’re old coaches you and me.

The bonds of closeness you have with a team,

they can’t understand; they couldn’t even dream.

And taking that tiny freshman with anxious eyes,

and watching him learn to reach for the skies.

And then as a senior with diploma in hand; he grins as he passes, and you understand.

You gave him discipline and the ways to achieve, the ability to dream and the guts to believe.

And then as the years pass, it happens again…an anxious looking freshman

with a familiar nervous grin.  “Oh coach,” he says, “I’m scared but I’ll give it a try.

Hey, and by the way coach, my dad says to be sure to say hi.”

 Author Unknown

 “His God instructs him and teaches him the right way.” 

 ( Isaiah 28: 26 )

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