Don’t believe the hype

selfieYou can build something and become disillusioned when you begin to believe that you are something, even respected for what you do.

Teacher of the year, mega pastor, politician, athlete of the year, author or even likes on social media, they all can condition you to believe in you and promote you until you begin to believe the hype. We realize that we can package our message, build strategies, sustain our model and intentionally lead people to believe that they are encountering something special.

But behind it all are evil motives and unattainable promises. Pride prowls, looking to devour and it’s eating us alive. We strive to keep the consumer consuming. We reach our goals only to set higher ones. We chase the trend and get sucked in by what we perceive is success. We’re preoccupied with the hype and it’s a recipe for looming disaster.

You applaud your efforts, yet your hard driving, get-what-you-can life leaves little time for celebration. So hold fast, go 100 miles per hour cause that is what people cheer you on to do…… or you could contemplate and reflect. Go ahead and question your balance of time you spend pursuing. Now ask God about what you’ve bought.

You can only do this by getting into His Word. God’s Word is counter culture. It is a sure way to find rest, contentment and real purpose. Accept and adore what God has laid out for you. The scripture will give you the direction you so need. It isn’t trending, but it’s lasting. It is sustainable and built on the truth.

Stop the preoccupation. Stop the presumptuous pursuit. Don’t buy the hype. It’s only stifling true hope.

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