Compete but don’t compare

I acknowledge that we often get in the trap of looking around at others. I guess it is a natural thing to do.

Our society is trending toward bringing balance to the playing field and creating an “everyone is a winner” mentality. It’s garbage. There are winners and losers in life. And, I love the concept of conquering. I also learn from defeat.

It is possible to have a mindset that wants to win while not comparing yourself to those around you. Competing is about giving your best. It is done with class and respect for others. Others pushing and competing against you or your team can help you compete even harder.

If you have ever tried surfing, you can easily be distracted by all the other surfers as you sit and wait for the next big wave. You must remember why you are out there. The other surfers are insignificant to your objective. If you are not careful you’ll miss why you are out there and feeling the excitement of skimming across the water and riding the wave.

Competition helps you improve. Competition helps you shake of complacency. Competition forces you to focus. Competition is a teacher.

So go compete. Others can inspire you, but don’t lose site on what you are trying to accomplish. Be the unique individual God created you to be. After all, you were born an original, don’t die a copy.

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