Things you can’t ignore

1….true friends

     A true friend will lay down his life for you.

2…whom or what your kids devote their heart to

    Train your child in the way they should go and when he is old he will not depart.

3….if your garage door is down at night

    Just make sure it’s down, trust me.

4…your parents advice

    Listen to their advice, in the end you’ll see why.

5…what your closet friend tells you

    You can learn deep truths and they may need you to hold deep truths.

6…God’s calling for your life

    Chasing anything else will leave you chasing.

7…a promotion

    Sometimes it is perfect timing and sometimes it’s just bait.

8…your “gut” or instinct

    Without it, you’re no different than a computer.

9…warning signs

    They can save you a ton of issues, but you must heed them.

10….this thing about eternity in hell or heaven

   It is appointed unto man once to die, after this judgment.

11…tough times

    I’ve learned some tough but needed lessons in the valley. Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, he will strengthen your heart.

12…someone jumping out of the dark.

    When they do, take care of it in a way that they don’t do it again.

And lastly…the “ice burgs” of life. They might look appealing on the surface, but there is more to them than the eye can see.

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