You know you’re living in the past when….

david face_cropped 3You hear many people talk about how things use to be. Ask a coach how he is different in teaching basketball from the next guy and some will tell you how good of a player he was. (Not even answering your question). Ask a gal how her exercise routine is going and she’ll talk about how good of condition she was before kids. People embrace their past for many reasons.

  • Impulsively we judge a situation based on our past experiences.
  • We often want to make a snap decision if something is good or bad again, based on your past experiences.
  • Sometimes it’s as simple as speaking without thinking; most of the time it’s that we just don’t want to change.
  • Other times it is that you liked the person as they were and can’t accept them for who they are now.
  • Maybe you can’t let go of something or maybe you are just an arrogant fool, maybe even ungrateful or unappreciative and only see what you don’t have.
  • Sometimes it’s that you can’t forgive and move on.
  • Consciously we sometimes seek revenge and are stuck on how someone screwed us over.
  • You think life is unfair.
  • You are just a worry wart!
  • Maybe you just have a ton of regrets and still feel the weight of guilt.
  • That would lead me to potentially the biggest reason… that we don’t accept or approve of ourselves.

Living in the past will stop you from growth. Past things are just that. Done, gone, a memory. If we stayed stuck in the past, you’d still be ridding a horse down the dirt road to deliver a message.

Stuck on a past wound? If you had a pain last week that ended, it doesn’t hurt today so why are you still talking about it. You can’t enjoy today by talking about what was. Use your past as a tool to growth, not destruction. What lesson did it teach you? How are you different today because of that hard lesson? The past has made you who you are today, so be grateful for it and press forward.

Years ago I was told by a great pro athlete that his life changed when he chose to put all his trophies from the past in a chest, forgetting about them and not mentioning them anymore. It wasn’t until he was willing to do so that he developed new memories and new victories. So go build new memories, stop talking about how good you use to be or how you wished it was 1980 and just live.

Oftentimes letting go has nothing to do with weakness, and everything to do with strength.

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