Reflecting on the past prepares you for the future

20141121_105209Because we celebrate what happened over 2,000 years ago, our future is forever changed.

Some don’t want to look because they are bound up in their failures – as a result they have a hard time living in the present. For others, they have been told to never look back only forward.

Reflecting on your past is vital for future growth. Experiences have a direct impact on you and have a role in shaping who you are today. In our lives there are historical moments that impacted us deeply. Reflecting back on this very picture reminds me how innocent life was. It also reminds me that to my parents the simplicity of the Christmas was important enough to be forever be captured in this photo. Thankfully, I grew to know the real Jesus that I lay their depicting. Jesus has impacted my life in a deep and meaningful way. Reflecting back gives me a real sense of my history. I cannot disassociate myself from my identity that began to form long ago. Even at the point of my salvation, I become a “new man” yet I still “carry the old man” around with me until I die.

Reflecting back reminds me of beginning a new relationship and the fact that I am heading to eternal life with the very one who saved me. Looking back at what Jesus did for me gives me courage and hope for today. Accepting what he did for me, changes my eternal destiny.

For those who have learned from their past and have embraced the past, the future is brighter. Trust the one who allowed your past and holds your future in His hands.


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