I wish I knew sooner

kid stuntYou no doubt are smarter today than when you were a kid. Hopefully you wouldn’t lay down now and let a friend try and jump you with his bike, right!

Looking back I wish I knew then what I know now.

  1. Accumulation of things/money does not equate success.
  2. Every one that comes in your life is for a specific reason.
  3. You’ll have few real friends in life, hold them closely.
  4. Friends who are there for you in tough times are real friends.
  5. Failure is a teacher.
  6. People can be irrational, but knowing them helps you understand.
  7. You’ll always have enemies if you stand for anything.
  8. Stereotyping people can lead to wrong conclusions.
  9. Pretending to have it all together is just that, pretending.
  10. Value your parent’s knowledge.
  11. God’s truth really never changes. Trust it.
  12. Nothing worth having comes easy.
  13. You’ll get a lot of advice. Be careful what you listen to.
  14. The crowd is usually wrong.
  15. Confidence is learned.
  16. People judge you on first impressions.
  17. It’s scary how much you still rely on family.
  18. Learn from other people’s stories.
  19. Your greatest weakness often turns into a great strength.
  20. It really is easy to make someone’s day.

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