My kid is deviant and it’s your fault

troubled girlLast night police responded to a call of an out of control teenage girl. When they arrived, the 13 year old slipped out and stole the police car, crashed it and the parents are suing DMPD. You read that right.

Divorced mom of five told the news that the Police “victimized” her teen daughter. “My little girl is the innocent victim here,” said Mikie Brookes regarding her daughters theft. “If that policeman had disciplined my little girl properly, she never would have stolen his car… Neveah’s life is ruined and I’m out a butt load of dough and it’s all their fault.” She wants $500 million in damages.

You can’t make this stuff up! Why do so many parents and kids blame others for their actions!

Parents don’t promote accountability. Kid’s love stimulation and many get everything they want. Responsibility is not very stimulating you know. Parents don’t follow through which only promotes irresponsibility. Kids don’t have to earn anything, they get what they want. It creates little narcissistic me monsters free to do whatever they feel like. Yeah, “feel” like. That is another issue. Feelings are deceptive, but kids are taught to trust them all.

Step up. Be a parent run home. Teach, live, demonstrate, plug in, stop being a rebel, your kid is catching what you do. Spend time with them now, or you’ll spend thousands on legal fees later. Learn to say no. It’s not someone else’s fault. You decided what your kid focused on, now they are living it out.

4 thoughts on “My kid is deviant and it’s your fault

  1. Honestly, I don’t think it’s just kids not being able to be accountable. Parents are just as bad when it comes to themselves as well. Something needs to change.

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