How to watch youth basketball without being a jerk

yelling manAnyone else sick of the loud mouth yelling “three seconds” or “come on, that’s traveling!” As if it is some badge of honor that they are sticking up for your kid or team. Or the parent yelling “shoot, shoot” as if that is the only thing there is to do on the court. How about the “positive cheer leader parent” who just keeps yelling “good try, you’ll get ‘em next time trooper”, or the “blamer parent” or “insulter guy” and my favorite one, the guy you’d like to punch- screaming, “take him out!”, “girl can’t go left”, “teach that kid a lesson”. Is any of this really helping your team or child?

There is a whole bunch going on while fans and parents watch the sport of basketball. It is possible to sit and watch a game without being a jerk.

Here are a few pointers:

  1. There is a reason you are in the stands and the Refs are not. Refs are closer than you and they are trained and guess what, human just like you.
  2. Other parents know you are a loud mouth, stop reinforcing it.
  3. Respect the kids playing. It takes courage to be out there.
  4. Don’t smack talk the coach. Most coaches care about shaping hearts and minds along with executing a game plan.
  5. Support the team if you open your mouth.
  6. Get off your cell phone if you can. Act like your kid is more important.
  7. Show appreciation for the coaches, players and refs.
  8. Ask yourself if there is more to the definition of winning than the score board.
  9. Don’t tell your kids about good sportsmanship, model it.
  10. Win or lose, have class. Remember class always shows.

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