Youth Sports: Parents Reactions and Your Child’s Reality

greatest kidParents are a bit nutty at times when it comes to children sports. I suspect at some point most parents fantasize a scenario where their son or daughter can master a sport and get a free ride to college. When that reality hits them upside the head due to genetics, lack of talent and/or interest, it is hard for them to swallow.

Workouts, special coaches, tournament ball, school ball, camps, yet your kid isn’t getting the playing time. Why? They aren’t good enough. Most coaches aren’t honest or blunt enough, but it’s the truth.

Yes, I know, there will always be “the suck up parents” that believe their little games help position their child. But trust me, I’ve never seen or heard of someone getting to start or more playing time because someone was kissing up. At the end of the day, Coaches want to win. Period, it’s that simple.

The probability of your kid playing beyond high school is 3.7% according to the NCCA. The probability of going pro from the NCAA is .9%. So why play? I suggest you begin by playing a sport to build memories, to enjoy the discipline the sport brings, and learn from belonging to a team. Most young kids are enjoying those things anyway; it’s the parents that seem not to understand.

Is your home full of anxiety over a sport or team participation? Have you ever asked yourself “I didn’t sign up for this?” Has your kid ever got an injury and the first thing out of your mouth is “how long until they can play again?” Then you might need some help. You are definitely in it for all the wrong reasons.

Recently I asked an 8th grade girl, with a promising future, why she stopped playing. Her answer was simple and clear: “I just got tired of all the drama, angry and manipulating parents. It wasn’t fun anymore.” 

Let me implore you to encourage your child in sports by saying a few key words. For starters, “play hard out there and have fun, I love you.” After the game think about encouraging them by saying, “I enjoyed watching you play today, I love you”.

We are raising a human being, the odds of them growing up to be that is 100%.

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