The one thing I don’t want to hear from you

time is running outI know you’ve thought it before, “I can’t believe I am at this age already”. Your life appears for a short time, then it’s gone. The end is near, but when? Only God knows, but it is coming faster than you are aware.

If I run into you in heaven I don’t want to ever hear, “Wow David you weren’t serious enough about this God thing. You didn’t look me in the eye and tell me how huge this really was.”

Think through, what would God have me do with my passions, efforts, money and time? I am constantly evaluating my life and asking myself, am I building what lasts? Am I focused on the main thing, the place I am going to spend eternity, or am I serving self?

The most loving thing I can do is to speak and live truth. Take a long hard look at what you are doing with your life. Are you sewing seeds to your flesh? If so, it will fade. The feelings won’t last. When you get to heaven I promise we’ll see God in all His glory and perhaps think, I should have sold out to the only one that mattered. Serving self will seem so empty.

For those who are completely focused, you will reap a harvest one day. Stay the course, don’t give up!

Choose only what will last. Everything else just burns in the end.

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