Basketball Training Tips for the Off Season

david trainingMany are done with basketball and on to Spring and Summer sports. So what does one do with their basketball game now?  What is priority and what should I be doing with my time?

  1. Finish your school year strong!
  2. Work on you. What values do you want to take with you into your life. Read something that will develop your mind spiritually. (We have some ideas on our website under “resources”).
  3. Determine your weaknesses and develop and plan to improve.
  4. Relax and recover a bit.
  5. Work on building your shooting stroke. This is the time to make adjustments.
  6. Commit three days a week to strength training. A faster, stronger and quicker athlete is complete athlete.
  7. Work on skill development. Become a diverse player. Each drill has a distinct purpose.
  8. Play hard. Skill work is essential, but so is playing.
  9. Toward the end of the summer begin to decrease strength training for more intense endurance training.
  10. Be intentional during your workout. Do drills with game-paced speed. Sweat!

John Wooden, arguably one of the greatest coaches of all time said, “Never mistake activity for achievement.”

Remember, you do all this off season training because you love TEAM and you want to win with that TEAM. “The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.” Another great quote from Coach Wooden.

At the end of the summer, can you say, I did my best. I left no stone unturned. I committed to stretch myself beyond my comfort zone.

Be grateful for the talents God has given you. And never forget, the person you are becoming is far more important than basketball.

David Charleston

Founder/Owner of The Orange Planet

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