Triumph Over Defeat


Victory signifies more than just a conquest. Victory signifies unity, discipline and faith in something. If you have ever tasted victory, you know the feeling it brings. If you ever watch sports competition you have seen what kinds of feelings are brought out when victory comes. It is exhilarating. It is payoff for all the hard work. People identify with winners. Even people who have never played competitive sports are moved to great emotion when they witness victory.

Victory in the area of your health comes from discipline, which may not be a popular word for some, but it is the truth. When you follow these steps victory is sure to follow:

  • Consider five days a week in the gym raising your cardio heart rate to your maximum heart rate level. When sustaining that heart rate for 20-30 sustained minutes you are sure to drop unwanted fat and reap other benefits. The increase of Heart-Lung fitness is essential to seeing victory. How well does your heart and lungs handle physical activity challenges? Studies have shown that participants with the best heart rate recovery after exercise had much less chance (up to 4 times) of dying in the years of follow-up.
  • Adding weight training to your routine three days a week builds muscle which also prevents Osteoporosis.  Other benefits include increase lung capacity, protection against heart disease, balance of energy and weight loss, building muscle strength and stamina, enhances metabolism, bone density, fights off cancer, depression and improves cognition and memory.
  • Consider your food consumption. Protein, veggies, and fruit is what you should eat. Know when to consume carbs. Timing is everything. Water is your best friend.
  • Use supplements. Whole foods are essential, but most people do not eat regularly or balanced. Often food is overcooked, we have a compromised immune system due to stress, digestive issues, aging, a need to better recover from a workout, and we often need to consume measured amounts of protein and other ingredients. All of these are some of the reasons you need quality supplements.

Victory will cost you something. Decide what you’ll pay to taste victory. Instead of being tempted to wallow in defeat, put it behind you and start again. Don’t give up in the struggle. Spoil the naysayer’s negative comments. Be an over comer! Victory is close at hand. Soon you’ll delight in the fruits of your labor.


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