Food: Killing you softly with it’s lure

operation on kidMany people are insecure about their weight. You’ll hear them joke about it, but deep inside they are asking, “Why did I let this happen”? In many cases, the excess weight didn’t happen overnight and started many years ago and for very specific reasons.

Now some of you already have shut me off because you “have your reasons” for the weight gain. At the core, the consumption of to much of the wrong kinds of food is the largest contributor to weight gain. To stay fit for life, you must start today and answer the tough question, “what am I doing today to get the result that I want down the road”? There are specific strategies that you can employ to stay fit and healthy.


The desire to lose weight affects most people. There are no instant answers to fitness. It is not found in a diet, a video, or a quick fix. A pill won’t solve it. A tan won’t cover it up. A 10-week crash course will not keep it off long term and starving yourself isn’t healthy. Instead it must become a way of life. Think about how you gained weight. It took time and has become your way of life. It is the same with incorporating lifestyle fitness. It takes eating less and moving more over a period of time to get the results you desire. Although the purpose of this blog is not to provide a personal plan there are fundamental building blocks to staying fit and food consumption is at the top of the list.


Food was designed to fuel our bodies. But because of marketing and expansions of incredibly good ingredients that make the consumer scream for more, it is easy to eat much more than what the body needs. In addition, food is everywhere and part of almost every event or meeting. Food is the “socially acceptable drug” and it is killing us. How many times have you said or heard, “please have more, don’t let it go to waste”, “come on, have another it won’t hurt you”. There is a constant bombarding to be like everyone else. It is hard to step outside the average circle. Yet if you don’t the consequences are sure to come and you’ll pay for them for many years.


  • Do you drink enough water each day? (keep track and drink 8-10 glasses per day)
  • How do you keep track of the portions of food you eat?
  • Do you eat personally prepared food or restaurant, frozen boxed type foods? (boxed or restaurant food tends to have very high fat, sodium, calorie and sugar counts)
  • Do I know how many calories and what type of calories is good for me?
  • Whom are you accountable to?

To your success!


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