Getting results you desire

results2You expect positive results when you hire a carpenter or a surgeon. You expect your eyes to work better after you see the doctor, at least if it was an educated and trained eye doctor, right? It is even nice after spending time on your make-up and hair that you get the result you desired. So why do some people participate in exercise and not get the results they want?

People join clubs for a variety of reasons which include location, services, customer service and cleanliness. While they all have their place, getting results from a quality program will keep you. If you have ever worked hard at anything in life, you’ll know that getting results from your effort is a great pay off. Results tell a story. Results prove that it worked. Results motivate. Results simply don’t lie.

According to Fitness Management, having a personal exercise coach is the #1 reason people see results and stay committed to their exercise routine. We have seen this proven time and again throughout the years. Accountability works. Professional and knowledgeable coaches work.

So you get your program from health magazines? Magazines have no accountability to you and have one goal, to sell magazines. If your results are weight reduction, lost inches, building muscle, a stronger heart or better muscle elasticity, there are proper methods to getting those results. Chase a healthy lifestyle, not an image in a magazine.

There are no quick fixes that last long term. Do your homework before beginning your transformation. Give the gift of “results” to yourself this year! Evaluate Am I getting the results in my exercise routine that I need? What should I do differently to ensure results? Are past failures stopping me from trying one more time?

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”. 

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