Nudity gets my attention, but….

Given that it seems to be EVERYWHERE these days, what does a Christian man or woman do with the desire to view it? Over the past many years I’ve talked or interviewed many people (married and not) who look or are hooked on nude and sexual images on many levels and preferences. I even did my master’s studies on crisis counseling which included sexual addictions. The subject has huge impacts on us as people.


I ran across my first magazine by going into my step grandfather’s garage and seeing a huge stack of magazines. The image was violent. Later as a sixth grader I was out riding my bike and stumbled on some magazines in a burn pile. I remember thinking, wow, this had to be wrong, or for sure it was hot! Ironically, I ran across a pack of cigs and a couple of beers around that age, yet they did nothing for me. In fact, I’ve never drank or smoked. Crazy right! But the nudity, now that had my attention!

Back then you had to have money and the courage to walk into a store and ask for the magazine nestled behind the counter. Since I didn’t have that courage or money, I didn’t see much of it. Later in life I remember being at a friend’s house and seeing a little porn through a bad cable connection. But even then, I didn’t enjoy the thought of being caught, yet the power of the naked chick held my mind and body. Then came the computer; the availability to porn was everywhere and statistics of people looking at porn are in the stratosphere.

This is a topic that most, if not everyone, knows about but are often unwilling to discuss or address because their looking at it also.


As a Christian, I came to a decision one day that while the lure is powerful, I to have incredible power inside me, the power of the Holy Spirit; the same power that overcame the death of the grave. My core value for my life is that I want to bring God glory. I do that by knowing His character. I know his character by reading His Word. I can’t bring God glory if I don’t know Him. I realize He is at the center of my universe, I am not. So I choose peace over unsettling or insecure thoughts. I choose contentment over a manufactured fake image. I choose commitment over fornication. I choose surrender which gives me strength. I chose respect over denigration. Take a peak at this link from former porn stars. They’ll tell you the truth, it might help you.

What’s your story? Are you trapped? Telling someone is the first step. Second decide who you want to be a slave to. Yep, you know it, you’re a slave to it even if it’s hidden and you think no one knows.

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