Parental delinquency is largest contributor

CDM_youthhandcuffsParents of young kids are often blamed for the delinquent behavior of their children. Some courts even penalized the parents for the conduct of their children. Although theories of connecting a link between parents and delinquent kids exist, they are sometimes hard to prove.

That said, it is generally agreed that the parental authority or lack of is one of the most significant influences in the development of a child. There has been a lot of research on juvenile delinquency and the family structure. Most kids turn out poorly from watching a deplorable parent or in many cases not having a parent at all. There is no doubt a lack of monitoring these days. Delinquent parents are focused on what seems like everything but raising good character people.

Disrespect toward authority that has hit the stratosphere. As I watch sports I sit back and observe this idea that parents are truly the biggest influence on a child good or bad. Here are some examples:

  • loudest fat mouth mom has the most disrespectful child on the team
  • kid that thinks he is always right has the parents that are always there to bail him out
  • most controlling parent raises a kid that can’t make decisions on their own
  • kid that is always fighting others got the approval to do so from a parent

I realize the opposite can happen as well. Some kids see the rude behavior and don’t want to be like their parent. Some see divorce, for example and don’t want to repeat the tragedy. I know a person that basically raised himself from sixth grade on and with little or no parental influence at all, yet has turned out to marry, hold down a great career and learn to be a great father. This however, is not the norm. (that is just straight up grace from God).

Kids will suffer from delinquent parenting mostly with developing coping skills, managing health issues, academically and working through behavior issues.

I encourage you, if you are a parent or aspiring parent, please take child rearing very seriously. Quality time with your kids pays huge dividends. And fathers, get involved! Studies are now showing evidence that spending time with your kids is so important that they are now making public policy changes (no new evidence to good fathers).


Parents play the most important role in how children turn out.

Kids catch what you do, they don’t always listen to what you say.

Kids have an uncanny ability to distinguish between parents who talk a good game and those who actually live what they preach.

Seeing is believing.

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