Abortion regret: A pain that lives on

swingHave you ever contemplated the pain around this topic? Millions of babies have been killed which means there are many living with regrets. We must find ways to offer beautiful grace and truth to those who are deeply hurting from their choice.

I’ll never forget a counseling session that had me in tears, shaking in my skin as I listened to the sorrow of abortion’s ugly truth: “DEEP regret.” “When I cry, I cry alone.” “The secret is devastating.” “My heart is broken.”

I know you may be experiencing guilt, anxiety, depression, a need to ‘pay a price for your sin’, obsessed with pregnancy, anniversary sorrow, flashbacks, living with a disorder or destructive behavior, formulating ideas on how to punish yourself, or even numbing, but please remember this:

We all have sinned. We all need God’s grace and forgiveness. God forgives sin, including abortion. I believe the regret will always be there. I understand you don’t want to forget your child. Give yourself over to humility and trust in His forgiveness. He has already covered you.

Grow and mature in your relationship with Christ. He will help take the pain from past sins. Jesus alone is your Healer.

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