How a former 9th grade girl still impacts my every moment

If you know Rhonda you know why. At the core, she has never been about herself. Never, ever, ever! She enjoys keeping life simple. She still writes notes and visits people. She relishes confidentiality. She doesn’t like attention on her self. She is trusted, doesn’t care to talk down about someone even when she doesn’t care for them, doesn’t exaggerate, and pushes down pride.

She is a content lady. She doesn’t want more. She buys less instead invests in other’s quality of life. She gives away stuff. She is perfectly content living a role as a supporter and always with a smile. She is a workhorse! She can organize and clean like there is no tomorrow. She isn’t a complainer. She’ll step up and just get the job done. She doesn’t keep score. She’s calm, peaceful, joyful, passionate, polite, and wise beyond her years. She is smart about how she approaches anything.

Rhonda will listen to people talk about themselves for hours. She gives endless hours in helping others behind the scene and will never stand up when asked ‘who helped’. She controls what comes out of her mouth, delivering what seems like perfectly timed sensitive words that pierce right to the heart of the matter. She limits her opinion, though she has one.

I have always said I was extremely lucky, but now I know, there’s no luck to it, it’s God sharing his grace with me. She is the single biggest earthly influence on my life. Her kids laugh with her, listen to her and adore her. She is my best friend.

Now you know just a little about the impact and why I am a better person.



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