What makes a good sports coach

CoachPerhaps the most influential person in your child’s young life will be a coach. Pick carefully.

First, lets acknowledge how tough it really is to be a coach. It is sometimes a thankless, frustrating “no-win” kind of job. It is usually a very public profile with all eyes on your every move.

It can also be a job judged by narrow margins, such as winning and losing. I assure you, there is more to it. You want your kids around a coach with certain qualities. Here are the essentials:

  • Someone who can PULL PEOPLE TOGETHER toward a goal
  • OPENNESS is the ability to pull different ideas from everyone while embracing differing traits of the team
  • CONFIDENT DECISION MAKER, the ability to take an individual or team where they need to go
  • PASSION. Someone who loves what they are doing
  • CALMNESS. A steady personality through all the ups and downs
  • A SELF-ASSESSOR, learning from victories and criticism, not taking everything personally
  • PERCEPTIVE. They care about the needs of others
  • A great COMMUNICATOR, with athletes and parents
  • A SERVANT leader. Not an ego maniac
  • INSPIRATION COMES STANDARD. A coach has the ability to help others believe in themselves
  • PUSHES DOWN PRIDE. A good coach does not put themselves and their agenda before the goal
  • FLEXIBILITY. A good coach is always looking to find ways to connect with each player.
  • WALK THE WALK. A good coach leads by example, personally and professionally
  • GOOD LISTENERS. I know right. Most coaches are blamed for talking to much. But a good one, listens and learns how best to approach each athlete. They want to connect and connection happens through listening
  • KEEP IT FUN. enough said!
  • Always look at incidences as an opportunity to TEACH

Coaching is leadership. A coach is coming along side you and helping to teach your child. It must be someone you trust. Good coaches create limitless opportunities for growth in your child.

In the end, it’s about the teaching, and what I always loved about coaching was the practices. – John Wooden


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