Sheepish, Star or Savior

GodJust who is this man? So many views of God these days. Which one is He?

Hollywood loves the to portray this superman, Rock-star Jesus that is wrinkled free, white teeth-beauty with perfect flowing hair. The one that everyone sings love songs to, the one that has connections, you know- the life of the party.

Others buy into the idea that He is this pacifist drifter hippy type telling everyone to put their weapons down, living a socialistic life, handing out some spiritual advice to whomever will listen and enjoying some solitude while smoking some herb of the field.  Others see him as one who exercises wrath on some and grace on others, one who ends it all by riding in on a white horse dressed in a robe dripping with blood wielding a sword striking down nations. I guess it depends on what circles you run in and if you are reading the Bible.

We can conclude from God’s Word the following:

He is the Supreme Being, the Creator of all things, he Self-existent, One who is perfect in power, goodness, and wisdom. He exists as three Persons—God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit . Infinite, incomparable, and unchanging. God exists everywhere, knows everything, and has all power and authority over all. He is Judge, Redeemer, Father, Righteous one, and Perfect one. He is Savior.

To the ONLY wise God our Savior, be the glory and majesty, and dominion and power, both now and forever, Amen.”


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