What are you hungry for?

foodcravingsWe are fast approaching Thanksgiving Day. To most it represents family and food.

We are a society that is blessed with many choices. But with those choices come responsibilities. And our choices lead to consequences.

We get up and often are eating and checking our phones before the sleep is out of our eyes. Then off to work, talk on the phone, more food, more social media, dinner, then TV. It’s all a bit draining to our physical and mental capabilities, yet we consume more and more. As people we indulge, we self serve and tend to get all we can while we can.

Obesity neutralizes your effect in life. It brings disease, lacks of comfort and the inability to do certain activities. Yet some continue living this consumer lifestyle while ignoring the warnings.  And when one is confronted by a doctor, only then do we conclude the reality of our situation.

One lie that is perpetuated over and over is “do what you feel”. The problem is feelings are unreliable. Feelings often embrace comfort. Food is a comforter.

Food is a socially acceptable drug for many. We joke about it. Yet we consume and consume. Here is a deeper question, could food be taking the place of a deeper need? Food isn’t a good counselor. The consequences of over consumption are devastating. So what is it that you really hunger for? Sometime study John 4 – 6. The very question is answered.

Meanwhile, exercise more regularly. It revitalizes you. It focuses you. It will encourage you.



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