I want to know what love is

heart (2)It seems to the be number one explored topic. The word appears in thousands of songs. What is it really? Everyone is searching for this almost illusive emotion and you seem lucky if you get it. The term love is painted with a board stroke regarding it’s meaning. Back in the day the band Foreigner sang a song asking what love is. They concluded that it was found in a relationship, a girlfriend. It was a feeling that they wanted all the time.

Lets explore the different types of love God talked about. They are very different in nature.

Firstly Eros, a Greek word that suggests desire. It’s also where we get the word erotic referring to a selfish love associated with sex. This kind of love can lead to a control and conquer type mentality. It’s often present when people engage with affairs. God did created a physical attraction between men and women. But as someone said once, yes we are biological creates and can’t help the birds flying over our heads, but we don’t have to let them nest in our hair. Ultimately, this love is more selfish and the reason people can “fall out of love”.

Agape love is used to represents the divine-love of the Lord towards his Son Jesus Christ, human beings and all believers.  Jesus himself showed this kind of love. We are commanded to show this kind of love to everyone. It is not rooted in feelings, instead actions. This kind of love might not always have the feelings part present, but it understands commitment and action.

Phileo love is the type you have toward a buddy. It’s like loving your sibling. It is often shared between believers in Christ. It is not always reliable because of life experiences that  can yield hurt feelings. This kind of love is often used when talking about food, “I love chocolate” as an example.

LOVE IS OFTEN MISUNDERSTOOD. If one understand these different uses of word then one can understand how one can agape your enemies, but you cannot phileo them.

The old music group Chicago asks like many people, “how can we let is slip away?” Used in the right context love can slip away, depending which love you’re talking about.

One final note: God is love. (1 John 4:8) He is the definition of true love. What did He do? He gave. (John 3:16) Perhaps we’d all be better off if we learned self-less love instead of selfish love. His love for you is unconditional, not based on feelings or emotions. He loves you even when you’re not so loveable. Now that is the kind of relationship we all need.




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