Trump: Tacky, Tyrannical and Trained

donald trumpHe’s loud, in your face, to the point, bold, and bombastic. He dominates the news and is seriously contending for most powerful office in the free world. He has hit a trigger with his in-your-face tell-it-like-is approach. Trump doesn’t sugar coat anything and many are loving it!

There are things we all like about Trump. Just admit it!

But, there is more to it.  Donald’s model is talked about in the Bible which uses words: “insolent,” “haughty,” “boastful,” “faithless,” “heartless,” and “ruthless” to describe people of a godless age. Donald has all of these characteristics in the way he talks about people. Don’t be this way.

Secondly, right after David in the Bible had an affair. Notice his response in Psalm 51. He pleads for a pure heart and steadfast Spirit. David wants to be true, but knows that he hasn’t been and that his heart is broken (repentant) because of his unfaithfulness. He also understands that his action doesn’t diminish his relationship with God and God’s Spirit and has discovered that his brokenness has led to revelation.

Someone once said “brokenness allows the light to shine in”. Does Donald come across as broken? He has openly bragged about affairs with multiple woman and says he doesn’t repent cause he doesn’t need it.


Comeback artist. It’s good to have an answer. But can you listen? Christians are told to be ‘slow to speak’ and think first.

Supreme confidence. What is wrong with that you ask! We need someone to tell it like it is, right! Smith Wigglesworth puts it this way “You be careful when anybody comes to you with a sugar-coated pill or with a slimy tongue. They are always of the devil. The Spirit of the Lord will always deal with truth.” Donald doesn’t pull punches. No sugar coating with Donald. Or is he? He has been proven to be a good salesman. Additionally, we are told to think less of ourselves and more of what Christ can do through us. We don’t need more ‘Me Monsters’. The only confidence the Bible tells me to have is in the work of Christ.

Not addicted to the approval of others. That is not all bad. Philippians 1:18 tells us “It does not matter! I am happy about it — just so Christ is preached in every way possible, whether from wrong or right motives. And I will continue to be happy.” True, you don’t need others approval when it comes to spreading the message of Christ. Not sure Donald cares about this.

Embraces conflict. He particular likes this as it relates to growth. Many people avoid conflict and could learn from Donald on how to not be afraid of facing it. He might have a different approach than some, but he faces conflict.

He’s not a wimp. Trump is bold about his ideas. He wants you to follow him.  Jesus was no wimp. He never watered down the cost of following Him. It was high.  In Luke 9:1-6 the apostles got stretched by going on a trip with Jesus. They had to trust Him for provisions and what to say. Their faith grew because they learned to be warriors in spite of their fears.

He is passionate. In the early days, you didn’t just go around saying “I’m a Christian” like many casually do today. Remember Saul, he hated Christians and killed them. He was passionate, bold. Of course God changed him and used his passion for greatness. Passion is needed to be a leader. Donald has passion. But are you living your passion and positively affecting others for Christ or serving self?


One of the things I love about scriptures is it is often messy. We try to clean the stories up, but these people we find are real. They have moments of great faith like Abraham – God telling him to pack up and move, but not telling him exactly where. Then David had such good moments that God called him a man after his own heart, yet we know the sin of David. The church cleans it up, but still it remains, David was a murderer. The Bible is about a great God who isn’t hampered by our faults. God is at work in me and others. It’s not always pretty, but it puts on display the greatness of God alone. The key in all these people, they repented and turned to God for renewed strength and forgiveness. As far as we can tell by Donald’s actions and words, he has not.


God is opposed to the proud but gives grace to the humble; and pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall (Proverbs 16:18). None of us are so good that we never need grace or forgiveness. To get both one must first recognize they need them.



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