Light’s Impact

20160412_072847Light travels in straight lines until reflected or scattered by objects in its path. This fact leads to the existence of shadows. So this morning I caught the sun shining on this flowering pear tree outside my business. Just look at the beauty the light creates. Pretty amazing isn’t it!

When the light of Christ shines through our life and onto others it can’t help but create beauty. So do you shine the light of the good news?

We are commanded to let our light shine so that men may see our good works and glorify the father in heaven. That verse from Matthew 5:16 is literally asking us to unashamedly be light in this world. The context is not about improving the light, but rather not concealing what light you have. In others words, shine Christ.

It was not given merely for your own private use. It was to be declared openly before man.

With zeal, openness and courage, diligently share the Gospel with great concern for your fellow man. His light brings the beauty.

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