My role in the vast field


There are thousands of miles of open fields in Iowa. I call them our “ocean” because when the wind blows they look like green waves moving back and forth.

At times the Christian life can seem much like the corn field in that it looks beautiful but it’s really just to enormous to understand and really tackle. But if you get up close you’ll see that it really comes down to just one stalk standing, rooted in the ground and producing a yield.

I realize I am just one. But I am saved not just for heaven, but to produce here on earth. The Bible puts it this way, “saved to do good works”. So I am challenged to first ask myself and explore the questions: what I am really here for? What I am pursuing? As part of the Christian family, a God follower, I am gifted and chosen. Producing isn’t an option. I need to use those gifts to bring Him glory. To make Him known. In years past I’ve tried it in my own strength and it only leads to pride and burn out.

So I have learned that only when it is ‘Christ through me’ does anything really matter or last for eternity. When I decided to rest in that truth, I was amazed at the opportunities to grow right were I was planted. Now I look past the enormity of it all and I am trying to focus on these basics:

  • Humble myself and God will lift me up in His time (God resists me when I am proud)
  • Worship God all the time (In spirit and in truth)
  • Set my mind on things above, not on this earth (things here fade fast)
  • Surrender to His work in me (I am not my own)
  • Then, God will direct my steps

Jeremiah  10:23 reads “O Lord, I know that the way of man is not in himself, it is not in man who walks to direct his own steps.” God is the One whom I must look to for guidance and direction in my life. And when I do, I will stand firm, rooted in grace and truth doing exactly what God wants me to…..and part of a beautiful big family.






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