People are on to your dirty little secret

Shhhhh2You can usually spot a drunk right! Pretty easy to spot a drug user.  Alcohol, drugs or even food addiction all show up in a variety of ways. Porn on the other hand is perceived as harder to spot, at least that is the lie people want to believe. It’s danger is the fact that people believe it can be concealed because it works for a while.

The porn of today is not your daddy’s porn. Research shows that people looking for porn these days are including rape, gagging and teen as their top choices. We have a problem and it’s killing us quickly.

Porn eventually needs flesh. It starts with your own. Yep masturbation is the flesh you control. But eventually it leads to affairs, financial loss, relational and sexual dysfunction and even crime. And if you just read that statement and believe non of that will happen to you, you’re already in trouble.

People are convinced that porn is their secret. It’s worked for them in the past so they continue. But, here is why your little secret is out.

  • Search engines don’t lie. The stats say a very high percentage of men and women are looking and often!
  • Financial fishiness shows up eventually. Odd charges showing up, or unexplained cash gone. Free porn is everywhere, but eventually people spend money on sex.
  • Struggles regarding relationships with opposite sex and personal insecurity show up. If you’re questioning why someone is so secretive you’re dealing with a porn user.
  • Lying or not giving a straight answer always accompany a porn user.
  • If a person is jumping in and out of relationships struggling with real life connections with people they might be a porn user.
  • If your partner is unresponsive sexually, or demanding and rough or even nit picking your looks, they are on porn.
  • If your partner is “married to the web” you got issues! The phone is a big one these days. I have counseled men that are using their phones not the computer. They get jumpy when you touch their phone.

By nature sin conceals. Someone living above board isn’t concealing areas of their life.

Guilt is one of the biggest consequences to a porn user. Sin always produces guilt and pain. Peace, forgiveness, repentance always lead to reconciliation.



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