One reason your marriage will fail

Summer 2012 087One of many things that cause marriages to fail is a non-engaged spouse. It’s sad to realize in hindsight that you were never ever really engaged in the relationship as you should have been. Too many assume that things just work out. They don’t understand the effort that marriage really takes. People don’t want to dig deep into who they really are, therefore they can never really dig into who they married.

Kids enter the mix and couples begin to simply partner or co-parent, never really having real conversations spending the necessary time it takes to help foster healthy growth.

You not being there in the marriage means you don’t participate. It’s a sure sign of a starving relationship. Being in a relationship means “relating.” In order to “relate” or “connect” you have to be fully present.


  • Commit to a cell phone free time. Shut it off!
  • Show appreciation
  • Focus on friendship
  • Learn your spouses “love language”
  • Recognize each other’s roles. Help each other in those roles
  • Read a book or Bible together and discuss the subject

I encourage you, be present with the one you are with. Grow where you are planted. You did not marry to abandon ship.

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