Today’s players are different

mini ballIf you are one that believes today’s players are different then back in the day, you are not alone.

In his book “Not Everyone Gets a Trophy,” author Bruce Tulban says this generation of young people “have been nurtured, scheduled, measured, discussed, diagnosed, medicated, programmed, accommodated, included, awarded, and rewarded for as long as they can remember.” Now does that sound like your childhood and/or adolescence? It certainly wasn’t mine, that’s for sure!

Many players are overconfident. It comes from not allowing them to fail. Many are growing up where everyone gets a trophy. Back in the day, if you were good and won you got a trophy. If you lost you went home!

Many are needy. To many are babied and don’t hear enough negative feedback. It seems like if you criticize to much they might cry.  Back in the day, your coach criticized you all the time and you went and worked on what he told you.

Many kids these days have never really done anything by themselves. Players don’t know how to go outside and shoot independently without someone cheering them on.

Finally, today’s kid is technologically advanced. I’ve seen kids waste 15 minutes of actual practice because they are trying to get their smart phones and tablets loaded with an app to count their shots for them or video themselves to put on social media. Back in the day, we took a break for water or to shovel off the snow so we could shoot more.

We are working with a different kid these days. You can’t coach them all the same way. The coach who does the best job of adjusting his teaching methods is going to be the coach who is most successful. Back in the day, a coach had a relationship with you and got to know you so he could coach you better. We need to get back to that






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