Used up, still givin’

Spottertretched to my limit, so I think, but somehow I keep givin’ says the pounding lyric of a recent Toby Mac song. Do you ever get to the point of being used and say, “that won’t happen again”, yet you continue to give anyway. I’ve been through the ups and downs of being used and yet God continues to bring opportunities into my life to give again.

Being a Christian sometimes seems messy, but I believe it is God working His glory for my good and never the other way around. People are rude, they over promise and under deliver, they lie, they rip you off, they spread false rumors, they use you, they’re prideful, they even talk trash behind your back and yet, we must continue to live what we say we believe.

I often wonder how many times I have been the same toward God, yet he continues to love me in spite of my sin. It is through that perfect love that God shows me that gently teaches me to love even when I don’t feel like it.

This is harder than I thought, but this is what love feels like. Now these three remain, faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love.




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