mini football helmentsAs a child I was obsessed with collecting mini NFL helmets. That soon faded after I had to dust them weekly (little ocd I know). My obsession moved to winning. I wanted to win and win at everything. Sports fueled this obsession. Moving on to adult hood I began obsessing about accumulating money. In my mid 30’s I had accumulated just south of a half million dollars. The compound interest soared and I obsessed more!  That money gave me choices but the obsession wore me thin and it changed me a bit.

What are you obsessed with?  Are you obsessed with your own growth? I think tracking your progress is a good thing. I also think obsessing with oneself, according to Romans 8: 6 and following, simply leads to a dead end. It goes on to say that if God himself has taken up residence in you one can hardly think of self much anymore.

Now in my forties I am obsessed with knowing God in a much deeper way. I want to make Christ the sole desire of my heart. Because with the right desire, obsession can be a good thing. We were made to be obsessed — with God and His call on our lives. Yet, so often, we give our hearts to chase after other gods.  As humans we seek two basic obsessions: the desire for pleasure and things. God actually took time in scripture to warn us on those two very obsessions. Yet, He did not simply warn us, he offered an alternative. When we obey His plan, we are promised with two rewards, abundant peace and a guilt free life.

“May the words of my mouth and the focus of my heart be acceptable to you Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” Ps. 19:15

(I still obsessed with winning. I am working on keeping that in the correct perspective. Winning is often about being right. I now want to win but for the right audience, the One, Christ Jesus).

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