H.S. Principal told me this before graduation

graduation_davidIt is an accomplishment to graduate from high school. I am not trying to rain on anyone’s parade. But I will never forget what I was told just before graduation. My Principal told me that I was going to have trials and life would get much tougher. I had a good relationship with him and was actually thankful that he told me this truth. But, at the time, I was internally doubting or at least not seeing what he was saying. I had seen a few struggles in school, but my life was basically good. I was done with high school, had a girl friend, loved sports, had a ton of goals to accomplish and making money was a blast!

I’ve been out now for thirty plus years. Wow, was he ever right! Now, H.S. seems now like a stroll in the candy store compared to what I’ve lived. And I know that I have not had it as tough as many that I know, but along with the victories there have been trials and tough battles. It is in those tough times that I have learned the most.

God’s Word tells us that trials are to be expected. It is not something we love to talk about, but without them I could not have learned what I have learned. Real life experience has taught me what school could never. I have learned to weep for others, to trust God even when it hurts, that money does not bring lasting joy, winning isn’t everything, being lied to and ripped off sucks, and sometimes people are cruel and will let you down. I’ve learned that staying in your lane is much better than comparing your life to others, that death of a loved one cuts deep, and crashing a motorcycle on pavement hurts for a while. I’ve learned that having something bad happen to your child is painful like no other. I’ve learned that the process of effort is better than what waits at the end, that an aging body is unstoppable, and that one’s plans don’t always come out like you might want them to.

The guy that told me this truth ran into his own bit of troubles along life’s road. If you’re reading this you have no doubt experienced the trials of life. It’s what you do with them that proves you have learned. I’ve passed my tests so far, although not always with joy. They have been difficult, but the learning never stops. Life is an endless classroom. I’ve learned to better prepare for the tests coming. So how? The only real answer is to deepen your faith with God and trust the One who knows all things past, present and future. He cares for you deeply.

Philippians 4:6-7
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

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