BIG tip on winning

Rhonda tree climbingIf you want to win in business, a sport or personally, you’ll be faced with many choices. Some of these choices can seem like a good idea and even fit your mission, but they wouldn’t be beneficial to you. A crucial question you need to ask yourself: is what I’m about to do move the needle closer to winning?

There is a choice by choice battle that is fought when you are trying to win. Make the wrong choice, give your time to the wrong idea, you’ll end up wasting valuable time, energy and resources.

People tend to think that focus is focusing on things you say yes to. Often, focus is saying no to other good ideas that take you away from your original focus. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “if you chase two rabbits both will escape”. Focus requires attention to the task or goal you’ve set. It is passion that is intentional and never lacks will.

So whatever you are trying to win at, pick carefully. You can’t say yes to everything. Sometimes you have to tell people you can’t so you can.

David is a father, husband, business owner, and ministry leader. He is Founder and Director of a Hope 2 Offer, an Iowa non-profit and The Orange Planet, a central Iowa based basketball instruction company started in 2008. 

As always, thanks for reading Unmasked.

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