False Assumptions

Screenshot_20191024-071355 (1)

There are times you are wrong. Army training taught us to evaluate an advancing enemy by scanning through and by what you see or think you see.  Why you ask? Because if you fixate at something too long in the dark woods or open field it can take on a false identity or even look like it moved.

Things are often not what we think they are. We get the wrong idea about what we saw only later to find out it was completely wrong. That’s part of the reason eye witness accounts are often wrong. Consider what shopping teaches us. We finally buy that item we longed for and the happiness wore off quickly. In relationships we judge someone for years only to find out everything is different than we thought.

So why do we worry and make judgement so quickly? Often, it’s out of a desire to control. We falsely think that obsessing about it helps us and keeps us in control. It doesn’t.

Are you limited by false assumptions? You’d be right to first check the lens you are looking through. Maybe you’re fueled by a wrong emotion such as anger, jealousy, pride, ignorance or even competition with someone. Secondly, check your assumptions, they could be false. You could have knowingly or unknowingly created a hellacious shark that never was.

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