Behind the Mask

I am a father, husband, business owner, ministry leader and follower of Jesus Christ. I wake up every morning filled with hope. I have learned many lessons from my past and don’t mind sharing them. I learned that most people are hiding behind masks and are afraid to reveal their true self.  I don’t waste time with “what ifs” or “should haves”.  I have a backbone and am not afraid to make tough decisions. I start and finish projects and don’t believe in procrastination. Standing out or being laughed at is no hardship to me. German Shepards,  the underdog  and flowers make my day. I cry when hearing or singing the National Anthem. My main life’s goal is to know Jesus in a way that surpasses pop culture Christianity.

Hope you enjoy Unmasked




Education and Skills

David has a BS in Education, MA in Counseling. Strategic Planning, Administration, Public Speaking, Teaching, Coaching, Sales, Team Building, Instruction, Vision, Customer Service, Marketing, and Counseling. David is owner of a basketball training company and founder of a non-profit company specializing in counseling and community outreach. He has additional experiences in teaching school and hosting a radio show called Unmasked.

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