Can we really get along?

Take politics for example, liberals, conservatives and independents use to at least co-exist. Now, it is pretty hostile. I am at times tired of even the thought of engaging in a conversation about what I know I already disagree. Is that smart or polarizing?

I heard a saying once, “It is our anger that gets us into a fight and it is our ego that keeps us there.” People tend to go on fighting about issues even when they are no longer relevant or when their original importance has diminished.  I guess they do this to prove a point or demonstrate that they are the winner and the other person is the loser.

I do think it takes courage to fight for a worthy idea. But can we do it with generosity, kindness and integrity? How about in regards to everyday life, dealing with people you disagree with or might not even like. It is easily talked about, but harder to live.

I don’t claim to have answers to very complex issue. But let me go ‘old school’ on you for a moment. And share some tough lessons I’ve unmasked about getting along with people.

Start with a Smile. It can’t harm you or the other person. Share when you can. Ask those around you, can I help you? Would you like some? Serve someone everyday. Simple gestures seem to almost blow people away. It lifts their spirits and yours. Good manners have a way to soften people up. Say a kind word. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God is Christ forgave you.

There will always be a battle, but kicking your fellow bird might get you extra seeds and even the perch, but it’s lonely up there.

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